Hi all, how are you?

The autumn has officially arrive to Letterkenny and the leaves of the trees has started to fall and changed their colours: beautiful summer green has became in bright red and brown.

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More than 2 month here

Ismael speaking again, after 2 months here, I have already got used to this life and the truth is that it is quite good, I register in a football team, Glencar Celtic and the truth that now I understand more haha, I have noticed a lot my improvement of English and I am very happy  with work and people are great but he also misses my house and I have already bought the tickets for my return at Christmas, I look forward to it, I have met a lot of people already and has shown me their support, so I have no complaint , thank you for reading me, Ismael says goodbye 

A different birthday

Hello all! How about going? I have very exciting news to tell you!

Last week it was my birthday and I decided to travel and visit another country, but without coming out the island!

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Hello again, You’re greeted by Ismael, and today I come to talk to you about on-arrival training in Dublin with other volunteers from different countries in Ireland, the first thing after waiting for the bus driver with the other people, we arrived at the hotel with a beautiful day, they gave us the rooms and we went to introduce each other and to remember the names we made different games. Our days started with breakfast at 8:30 a.m. and we started activities at 9:30, every day we dealt with different questions about volunteering, we ended at 6:30 p.m. with breaks for the tea and to eat at 1:30 p.m. We did a team-up activity around the dublin center and found monuments and then representing our day in dublin in a creative way. At night we met the other volunteers and we did different games and we learned things from their countries and in short these were my days in the on-arival training I took a great experience and meet good people.

Ismael says goodbye, ADIOOOOS.IMG_20190829_123733


Hi everyone, Ismael is writing now

I am the new incorporation to European Solidarity Corps,  after a complicated arrival to Letterkenny because my phone data wasn’t working and I didn’t have to make calls and I stay in the airport to Dublin alone, waiting for my partner Claudia who arrived on holiday in Spain, and her flight was delayed and I thought I was here, I could only get calls from my mother, and I told her to call Claudia, and said that I was in Terminal 1, after waiting 3 hours at Dublin airport we found, ate and took by 5 o’clock bus and after 14 long hours of travel in total I managed to get to Letterkenny and I said i was in Terminal 1, after waiting 3 hours at Dublin airport we found, ate and took by 5 o’clock bus and after 14 long hours of travel in total came to Letterkenny .

Team building at Portstewart!

Nice to see you again!

Yesterday, almost all staff member from Donegal Youth Service spend the day together in The Edge Watersports at The Crannagh Activity Centre. We realised how big our organisation is!

Not everybody participated in the activities. Some decided to visit the city of Portstewart.

We spent time together playing some games and eating lunch.

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On the road with Kasia

Hello everybody! How are you?

Today, I’ve been in a very interesting meeting with my supervisor Katarzyna in Galway. Even if we wake up very early that day and despite the raining and the weather, the day was awesome!

I assisted to a meeting about Time to move event that we hold the next 10th of October in Donegal Youth Service.

I hope nobody misses it!

-Lucía V. B.



3 000 kilometers

Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and I though “I’m in Ireland!”, 3 000 kilometers far from home. Even if it’s not the first time that I live out home, It’s the first time that I live out the country, in a country where the autumn starts at the end of August.

Luckily for me, everyday in this office is different. Some days can be hard, but most of then are fun: sometimes we cook, and sometimes we sing and dance.

Everyday is special, and I’m trying to enjoy them all, even if it’s rains or it’s a sunny day.

-Lucía V. B.
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Where is the sun?

Hi again!

As a girl born and raised in southern Spain, I’m used to hot summers and not much rain, just the opposite that I’ve found here in Ireland.

In this country, you can live the four seasons at the same day: morning may be sunny, but noon, rainy. At afternoon, it will be cloudy and, at evening, windy. It’s worthless to check the forecast!

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