St. Patrick’s

We went to Dublin on St.Patrick’s weekend not just because of the festivities but also to visit the city None of us was in the capital of Ireland before so we thought it was a good opportunity to travel and enjoy the Irish Pubs. Although the parade and the atmosphere in Dublin was great for us, we were expecting a Irish Traditional Celebration rather than a tourist attraction, and it turned out to be mainly for tourists

We highly recommend the Free Tour around Dublin! We had an Irish guide who lead us to relevant venues in the Capital. A historical tour of a city can sound boring, this was not! She told us in an informal and dynamic way her version of Irish historical events, including anecdotes. We visited the Trinity College, Temple Bar and the Ha’penny Bridge as well as many more.



We decided to have a housewarming because we felt that it was an opportunity to meet people from the office in a relaxing atmosphere. But one of the flatmates was missing, Ana, that’s why we waited 1 month to make it happen. Note down a suggestion! For further housewarming invitations just put a poster next to the sign in sheets, it works better, and don’t mind punctuality!. By the way, while organising the event we learnt the meaning of BYOB: Bring Your Own Beer.

Paella, Spanish omelette, oven pears with chocolate, and some tapas were the ingredients for the best housewarming. The sauce of the party was the guests and their lovely partners. We could chat to co-workers and get to know them better. The night finished with a live concert at the Greenroom.

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