On-Arrival Training

After one or two months involved in our projects all EVS volunteers from Ireland were called to have  on-arrival training. It took place in Swords in a religious residence 20 minutes away from Dublin. Two trainers who used to work in youth projects were in charge of the training.

The first step was getting to know each other through dynamic games. Afterwards we had to explain  our project and share with others. Some of the backgrounds and the projects were amazing. Mainly they were related with youth work, disability, environmental issues and LGBT awareness. It was nice to see other youth initiatives and their implementation. Also it made us question ourselves about goals, projects, roles, and location.

To continue improving our EVS experience they brought us to Dublin to realize the Dublin Challenge. This entailed to overcome some challenges and learn about ourselves. The backdrop was Dublin city. Most of the challenges required people aid working in a team. For some of us, this activity meant a different way to meet other volunteers and discover how EVS experience is changing ourselves. When we returned to the residence we shared our day with the others showing pictures and stories with a funny performance. As good Irish volunteers we finished the day having some beers and playing games.

During these days we have learnt more about our rights and responsibility as EVS, the people can help you whenever you need to, useful information about the organizations involved in EVS (sending and hosting organizations and National Agencies), the differences between our cultures and other countries, shared feelings about living abroad in Ireland and gave and received positive a advice help us to face this experience.



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