July chillout!

Smoothly swell our July has gonne in Donegal. Some of the top events of the month have been The Rumanian Intership, Falcarragh Festival, Finland – Ireland Youth Exchange and Swell Festival.

Starting from the really early days, Donegal Youth Service has hosted Finish guests in Letterkenny. Irish and Finish youngsters, youth workers, volunteers and teachers were exploring Donegal Youth Clubs and venues to figure out how could they build youth partnership among communities according to the European Commission programs. A youth exchange came up as a result of the presentations, meetings and workshops which did occur around youth clubs, DYS quaters and LYIT. All experience has been smash together in the following video.

The Youth Council took part in a Youth Exchange with the Romanian Youth Movement for Democracy and went to Romania in July to attend the Democracy Builder programme. During a week they participated in workshops and learnt about youth activism and campaigning. They shared good practices with the other participants and discussed many topics and methods in volunteerism.

It was also an intercultural experience and they could discover a new country and new culture. Young people created friendships with Romanian young people and introduced Irish culture to them.

As part of the team leader it was a real source of motivation and inspiration to see their involvement and energy. It confirmed my wish to keep working in Youth Participation field and lead projects bringing young people together towards common goals and values to create dialogue and mutual understanding, a great way to promote peace.

In order to promote the EVS programme we presented two information sessions, one for the Youth Council and another one open to the public in the YIC. We gave young people all the basic information about EVS and Erasmus programme, explaining how to take part in the programme and we also introduced projects of the other EVS volunteers we know across Ireland in order to show the large panel of opportunities offer the EVS.

Changing from the week plans to the weekend plans we join to Swell Festival in Aranmore, an island located in the West coast of Donegal. Music from Duke Special, In Their Thousands, Mark Black & The Trips or The Heads of State to a massive selection of poetry, spoken word, live art, DJs, Sound baths from our “Ardan na Fia” arts stage. Ana and Alba were volunteers recording the best moments of this swell festival to make a video that promotes the 2015 edition.


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