More than half way done of our EVS and the Indian Summer has delight us with two weeks of sun and not feeling soak. We can’t believe that real summer in Ireland is in September!

The Youth Councilors have finished their term and new recruitment campaign has being designed with and election pack set formed by posters, leaflets… The responsible of the project (Marty and Anne-C) have been heading on all around Donegal schools to give out detail information how to submit election forms.


The campaign is a succeed so far. Lets wait until next month to meet the new young councilors!

Leaving aside political issues and moving to sports, after Donegal soccer team has won Dublin in the semifinal, the GAA final against Kerry was one of the most popular and exciting event that brought all County together.


The proudness of Donegal team was obvious around the region. You could see the support everywhere: huge teddy bears with Donegal Jersey, sheep painted with the colors of Donegal flag, Pope posters rising Donegal flag…

Here is an example:



As around the world August it is not a very busy month. Donegal Youth Service Headquarters were quiet most of the time not only because the workers holidays but also because the young people was spending their last off days before start again the classes.

Letterkenny Youth Information Centre organized a Media Summer Camp for anyone who was interested in this field and would like to improve their skills in this area. Ana and Alba were involved on it under Louise supervision. Many young people enjoy learning about cinema, video and photography. They shoot a music video and afterwards they edit themselves; they took pictures and edit them as well.

The summer in Donegal had many sunny days but without any doubts the brightest one was the Saturday 23rd of August, when we celebrated “Party in the Car Park”. The morning started with a Intercultural Seminars that gather many participants from Cross Border Connections Project. We continue the day at The Grill Car Park with a great party full of activities and engagement; from sports to a fashion show, not forgetting the food testing, the circus performance, face painting, make-up, dancing, the safety driving or the second hand clothes selling. The music did not stop during all day, so we discovered and enjoy the talent young musicians from Donegal. We were shooting the event, so this is the result: