The months of March and April


– On Arrival training
Month of March begin with EVS on-arrival training in Swords. There were gathered EVS volunteers from all around counties of Ireland. We where staying in really nice centre Emmaus we were lavishly fed :). We had some group activities, which involved improving our social skills. The most interesting was Dublin challenge, we had to do some funny quests in the streets, such as doing something that we never done, (walking bare foot; dancing “macarena” in front of Trinity College feeding seagulls). Swap up challenge (exchange an item as many times as possible) and so on :).That was a great opportunity to meet new friends, and so we did.
– Saint Patrick’s Day
17th March the most remarkable date in Ireland St.Patrick Day. 🙂
It’s a public day and in every city and town (we have been to Derry and Letterkenny) in held a parade, everybody’s in the streets celebrating dressed in greens, disguised as leprechaun, wearing shamrock accessories and of course in the evening enjoying in the rest of the day in the pubs.
– Easter Holidays
And here come the Easter holiday! It was good fun! We hosted some EVS people whom we meet an our training in Dublin and took them for a walk in Letterkenny, party all together to celebrate Easter and discovered a little bit more the island: we did the Giant’s Causeway tour, we have been walking for 16 km but it was worth it! 🙂 Not to mention that we spent a lovely (and sunny) day with Louise in Gleanveagh National Park during on the previous Sunday. We highly recommended it!
– Be Well Week
The last week of March ended with the DYS Be Well Week. We learnt how mental health can be intertwined with our body as well, Francesco and Gabi got active and participated to a soccer and gym workshop, other activities included a hip hop workshop and a conference from the main actors in Donegal about wellbeing.

Gabriel:  In March Sheena lift me to Magheroarty Harbour, where I discovered a long beach. The wheather was perfect for a ride through sand, wind and waves sound. I had enough time to be alone, to reflect for my EVS experience and to stable new goals. Another activities it happened in Derry where together with Sheena and young people from Lifford and Letterkenny 8 Active Groups I discovered to beauty of historical city, walking om the historical wall, making around pf the city, being leaded by a nice and facetious guide. Was a great time, also because I had opportunity to spend more time with different young people, to improve my English and to know more stuffs about Derry and Northern Ireland.


In the beginning of April Marika and Irene had a trip to Belfast, Belfast is a contemporary, multicultural and eclectic city. We settled in famous “Vagabonds” hostel, where we met around 100 new people from all around the world in 4 days, the owner was extremely hospitable, he was bringing all the guests every evening together and taking us to local pubs and clubs. There were lots of cultural activities we did during the daytime: visiting museums, listening to history, and just being amazed by those modern and old buildings.
In April I participated in an amazing event – Youth Irish Music Awards (YIMA) at Aviva Stadium Dublin. I was supervising young people from Donegal with my colleague Dominic. The aim of event was to help young people in Ireland to get used to career of musician, there were multiple awards, Donegal team won prize for “Best studio photo”. This day was hilarious!
In April I had the opportunity to climb Mont Errigal with DYS staff. Was a great experience that because I discovered a lot of nice views from Donegal, Mount Errigal being one of the highest peaks from Donegal. This activitity was a great experience because was organized such a charity case for Donegal Youth Service activities and also, because was leaded by Jason Black, the only local of Donegal which has climbed Mount Everest. In another day, Louise teached me how to make a irish traditional bread in LOFT kitchen. That was so delicious and if you want, I will share with you the recipe J.
In another day, taking advantage by the sunny weather, I took the bike, and I started a long travel for 6 hours around of Donegal county. Fortunately, I ride to the Gartan, the birthplace of St. Columba. Also, I discovered a lot of local farms in full activity with their sheep and cows. That gave me the idea that I have to spend one week in the summer into a local farm, to understand more their activity and life. Already I start to have discussion with Sinead, a member of DYS staff, which have more knowledge about this topic.
In both months I was part into my normal activities, like a youth worker, together with Sheena, my supervisor, in Lifford and Letterkenny, working a lot with young people, to teach them hwo to become youth workers. Unfortunately, the activities for young people from Magheroarty, where I attended  weekly with Michelle has ended. In our last meeting, I worked with them a theater improvisation session. There we had a lot of craic and funny moments.


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