The months of May, June and July


– Travel & free time
In the end of April / beginning of May Gabi, together with other 4 EVS, went to Scotland for four days to visit the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow and took a guided tour of Loch Ness. During this period also Francesco went travelling: he came back to Italy to enjoy a bit of warmth :). We had then another important event that was Marika’s birthday: we organised a surprise party and celebrated together her day!

– Personal Development
We had the opportunity to participate to the LGBT Training workshop that was delivered by DYS LGBT Trainer Sinead in Lifford as part of the Activ8 course (Outreach project). There, we could learn how to improve our skills while working in particular with this target group. We also started to join the mental health group led by Louise, and be involved in other workshops such as the one with Frankie in which we learnt how to increase our youth workers’ skills.

– Our tasks
Gabi’s tasks:
-Preparing and facilitating workshop for differents young people groups
– Working with Donegal Youth Council for a fundraising activity
– Supervising Loft activities in drop-in
-Preparing facilitating and coordinating Casino’s activities in drop-in being helped by another 8 young volunteers.

Marika’s tasks: I was working with Youth Council as second animation project about cyber bullying. Also traveled around Donegal to attend county meetings with Youth Council.

Francesco’s tasks: The month of May was the “transition’s month” because we started to organise all the work for the Summer and it given me the possibility to improve my skills in design’s programs.

Irene’s tasks: Lots has been happening in May but I’d say that it was my personal development month: I got the opportunity to join so many projects and I’ve started my traning as a youth worker with Activ8; really enjoyed it and  I’m looking forward to continuing the course as part of the topics ( like for example communication psychology) we were dealing with were also in my field of study and interest.


-Personal Development & Free Time
In June we had the opportunity to participate to Léargas training in Tullamore about the Erasmus + project; there we spoke in front of an audience to present our EVS experience. After this event we went all together with other 50 young people in Dublin to discover the importance of team building, this again was part of the Activ8 course organised through the Outreach Project. Our busy schedule was full with lots of good actvities  like going to the zoo, the cinema and visiting the site of the Battle of the Boyne; we also experienced the campus life for one night by staying in some super comfy accomodations at the DCU. As for what concerns our free time June was the football month, fully dedicated to the EURO 2016 matches, in which we supported our nations with a strong sense of pride and patriotism!

-Our Tasks
Gabi’s tasks:
-Supervising team building activities in Arena 7 through Outreach Project.
-Supervising Loft activities in drop–in.
– Speaking to a youth workers group in Tullamore about my EVS experience. The event was organised by Leargas.
-Supervising team building activity in Dublin through Outreach Project.

Marika’s tasks: I was involved in Youth Worker training with Sheena, I’ve never done that before, I find it very useful, because beside Youth Council. I am working with young people on One to One sessions.

Francesco’s tasks: June was characterized with a important event as my first English presentation in front audience, about my job in Donegal Youth Service and was a step very important for my self-esteem.

Irene’s tasks: Another month of personal development I’d say :)! I’ve spoken for my first time in front of an audience and in English so I felt like I had to face a double challenge but everything went good and I’m satisfied with myself. Moreover I’ve been learning a bit about the Irish history and religion (and especially how it can still affect Ireland nowadays) by going to the site Of the Battle of the Boyne and listening to the testimony of former OTR (On The Run) from Northern Ireland.


– Travels and Free Time
Irene and Gabi were engaged in volunteering for one week at the Swell music Festival on Arranmore Island ( still part of county Donegal ) while Francesco came back again to this home town to get his second dose of sunbeams 🙂 We also hosted some international people in July from Japan and Italy.

-Personal Development
Gabi, Irene and Francesco were involved into the DYS Summer Camp “Let’s Do It” (Outreach Project) for 2 weeks, going to different Youth Clubs all over the county to develop their skills in different fields and with different age groups.

-Our Tasks
Gabi’s tasks:
– Took my holidays for 1 week, working like a volunteer for Swell Festival organised in Arranmore Island.
-Preparing and facilitating Personal Development workshop which was organised through Summer Camp project in 8 youth clubs from Donegal County. I eased this workshop for over 260 young people.

Marika’s tasks: Continuing working with Youth Council. Preparing things for their goodbye party. Also I’ve been to Dublin visiting my Russian friend. Had a good time playing pool and chilling.

Francesco’s tasks: Also July was a great month for myself, I improved my skills to work with young people in different fields like Sport, Art and Personal Development, through the fantastic “Let’s Do It Summer Camp” organised by Donegal Youth Service. Was amazing!!

Irene’s tasks: July was filled with volunteering: other than my usual tasks as graphic designer at DYS I’ve been working at some posters to advertise the Earagail Arts Festival that took place the whole month of July in different places of Donegal. Always as part of the Earagail festival I’ve tested my photography skills at the Swell in Arranmore island while beeing able to get soaked into both traditional and not so traditional Irish music :). Last but not least, I’ve volunteered to join the “ Let’s Do It” summer camp: again, this was another really helpful experience that improved my skills as I could interact more with young people and assist the youth workers in delivering art workshops.

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