April, May (easter and bank holiday)

Hello Folks!

We can’t believe that 3 months have already passed. Everything is running very fast here.

 In Easter we hadGOPR8519.JPG a trip with our friends from the arrival training. It was just amazing. Our french friend came to visit us from Sligo and we did part of the Atlantic Way. The map as our GPS and our friend with a french car we discovered Donegal from Letterkenny to Donegal Airport stopping where a big start was indicated on thGOPR8565.JPGe map.

Just after waking up we were to Galway, where we joined with the rest of the people, we got on very well from the arrival training, it’s like we had met each other from a long time ago. In Galway we enjoyed a lot, there was a food festival and although the weather was not very good the environment in Galway is always awesome. We went out in one pub with a great band and finished dancing in the street.

The day after we visited Cliffs of Moher. It was just incredible, didn’t find enough adjectives to described them.GOPR8626.JPG

Regarding to DYS, we keep on making some design staffs, we also had two special weeks this month. Youth work week whose theme was equality, we prepared some workshops for the young people in order to teach them a little about the different between equality and equity. At the beginning of May we has a special event concerning with European Youth Week. A workshop took place in DYS exchanges cultural skills as flowers making and henna tattoo. The young people had the opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds and to share their experiences with them.


The Youth Work Course with Frankie carry on every Thursday. We are learning a lot how to work with young people and everything we learn we can practise every day in the drop-in.

Every Wednesday we still go to the library for speaking Englsish lessons which are very useful and we meet people very friendly over there.

Kemal and Elena spent a great weekend in Belfast at the end of April, we met Turkish people and we enjoyed a lot. We were in the oldest pub and walking around Belfast, the city center is lovely and the titanic museum is impressive even it’s not very beautiful city.

Kemal went back  to Turkey for 10 days, he just was back for his birthday. We celebrate that with a delicious cake with all the staff.

Claudia speaking, hello again, EVS blog online followers. The time go away faster than I supposed. This month, my supervisor and me have finished our prevention classes in Malin Head community. The last time, I organised a Gymkana (team games) and we received flowers, a lovely card, and a chocolate cake. I am very grateful because they are a great young group.

We also started with Ballybofey community, a nice centre, where we do metal heath activities. For another hand, the interesting Frankie course for Youth Workers has continued with social topics. In addition for who is interested in it, I am creating a prevention gender notebook for all the teenagers of Donegal County, so you will see finished soon.

Of course, this month like the others, we have had time for travel around Ireland in Easter and Early May Bank Holiday. Our fist destination was city of Galway, having a fantastic meeting with EVS Ireland 2017, and our second destination in the historical river city of Waterford and Kilkenny town, and the develop city of Cork. I really recommend visit all of them in this month, because the weather have started to be really good.

So, I wish all of you continuing enjoying these sunny days!

 Dima speaking, hello people

In April I finished Annual report for DYS, finally!

Me and other volunteers visited Galway on Easter. I find out the city has lovely centre and seacoast.

In the end of the month YIC provided activities dedicated Equality Week.

In Central Library were performed English speaking classes for various interesting topics: leisure, health, history, culture, traditions, transport and other.

But the most impressive event travel to South of Ireland. First it was Waterford. It is quiet city with rich history, founded by Vikings. Also, I visited Kilkenny is a picturesque and popular touristic town with castle and amount of churches.

And Cork! It is lovely port city: channels, landscapes, city centre. The city is smaller and quieter than Dublin, what attracts me to it. Old and new intertwined in Cork.

South impress me by its landscapes and amazing cities, and wonderful warm days!

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