What happened in May and June?

Hello guys. Here Claudia.

How is going? Is all ok? Well, I am going to try to make to resume these two months full of different activities and experiences.

I was started May with a fantastic and hot weather in Cork, enjoying the long weekend with Early May Bank Holiday, and finishing the Frankie training like Youth Worker. I also went to Derry two times, the first one to a meeting with NGO’s and the Director Derry Collage’s; and the second one I visit to historic museum with a  catholic and protestant young group from Letterkenny and Ballybofey.

The next week’s the four EVS participated in a short Personal development training in Letterkenny, I started to do Summer Program meetings with my workers team and I finished Employment notebook for young people.

Suddenly, my brother surprised me with a great travel to London with him for four days in the middle of May. It was really good because we meet us in the airport, in a not common country. My first experience in London was magnificent with him, and we stayed in the mains attractive and touristic places.

A few days later, I joined with Dima (Ukrainian EVS) to travel to Galway for second time, to Limerick city, Cliffs of Mothers, Connemara valley, in an express travel of four days too.  After of this nice travel, I can say I visited the most cities and important places of the Republic of Ireland. Personally, I recommend you walk around river of Galway city, buy in the Milk market and visit the King John castle in Limerick, and take your time in the touristic Cliffs of Mothers.

The month of June advanced fast between meetings and doing crafts for summer camp ‘Let’s do it 2017’. And it finished with a quite weekend in a University residential near to Limerick, place where young people participated in different contests (singing, dancing, performance and games/sports) and they won some of them. That weekend we also had time to play bowling, going shopping and play cards games in their free time.

Hi, people, Dima Speaking!

My volunteering at DYS continues. In May and June I had worked on a booklet “Employment” that should help young people in finding a job, writing a resume, a cover letter, preparing for an interview; a poster for a tea party; diary of volunteer; as well as on my own project: a workshop on self-education, its role in modern life, self-learning platforms for motivating young people to self-education as a guarantee of future self-development, earnings and employment.

In the beginning of May, along with Claudia, I had visited Limerick. The third most populous city in Ireland, with rich history, for which fought Vikings and English kings! In the past, it was and staying now one of the most important cities in Ireland as Dublin, Cork, Waterford. The main attraction is the Museum of the Castle of King John, and you can observe Medieval battles, which organising here. Also, every Saturday, a fair is held where traditional milk and meat products can be purchased, especially are famous amazing cheese and black pudding. Limerick is also an important educational and scientific center in the country.


Also I was on the Cliffs of Moher, in the west of the island. It is exciting sight! And the most visited place in Ireland!


Hey Everyone, Elena speaking

I have already been here for 5 months and the time flies. A lot of things have happened  so I will try don’t get you very bored with my stories.

I will start with May, first of all it was the bank holiday 1st of May I spent the long weekend in Dublin with the other EVS, it was a really good trip, because even thought I was in Dublin before, I went to Phonix Park and I could discover a little bit more about Dublin. In addition I was in Skerries with one of my friend, where the St. Patrick’s footprint is.

The second week of May I did a random visiting to Spain, it was my mother’s birthday and I decided to give her a surprise. Furthermore I could see all my friends and family I have to say it was a really good time for taking a break and to come back to Ireland with more energy than ever.


This it was just the beginning, because on May also my Erasmus friends left and we had a farewell party, I miss all of them. We had an intensive weekend, some of them I will see each other again in September.  Also Kasia wanted to invite all of us a BBQ in her house, we really appreciate it and it was a lot of fun, even though the weather didn’t behavior at all, as usual.

What else?, well as I said May was very intensive, sometimes I’m very surprise how many things can happen in just a month. At the end of May, Kemal, me and other EVS went to our first festival in Ireland. RORY GALLAGHER! Rock&Roll. Doing camping, listening rock music and living a very classic festival in Ireland was unforgettable experience.

IMG_20170603_172334.jpg IMG_20170617_104103.jpg

In June, Louise invite us to her place, she and her husband made a delicious pork, irish style and we spent a really great time in their house.

As well as I had some visits from Spain. Two of my friends came to Dublin and they brought the sun I’ll say, because it was one of the hottest weekend since I’m here. Doing some day trip to Wiclow and Kilkenny we spend a great time together and also we visited the Guinness Storehouse, so I could do new things in Dublin. The weekend after my family came, amazing time with them. We rent a car and we travelled around, they definitely fell in love to Ireland. Besides this, I had my first experience driving to the other size and was good. Driving through Atlantic Way and the roads in North of Ireland was an awesome experience.


In Donegal Youth Service, especially in YIC my volunteer is going very well. I was very busy those months, doing ECHO summer edition, you can have a look on our facebook page ISSUU, also I did a leaflet for Cyberbullying sessions, posters and some promotional videos for YIC too. Let’s have a look in our Youtube Channel YIC. In addition I have designed the Volunteer T-shirt for the summer camps. By the way I had the opportunity to participate in the muti- activity camps and was class. One day we were in Ards Forest Park, definitely coming back soon I love this place. On Friday we did surfing, for being my first time it wasn’t very bad, I enjoyed a lot, wanted to say thanks people from Loft.


Last Wednesday we started a media group with Frankie in order to make some promotional videos for PARTY IN THE PARK, which is coming soon!

I think it’s time to say goodbye I’ve already write too much, I hope you enjoyed!

PD. I’ll make some spoiler, my month of July will be resume in my trip to Mexico and my holidays are starting in 3, 2, 1… See you soon!

I’m looking forward to tell you what’s going on next months

Hi everybody. I’m Kemal

Evs is going great. The weather is really better.  We see the sun more. I get used to Ireland and people. People are very kind really. They greet and smile whenever they see you. I went to Turkey at the beginning of May.I never thought it would be like this. Family, friends, meals are really missed. It was hard 10 days after coming from Turkey.

After that, the departure of the erasmus people was even worse. But then we felt better meeting  by new people and new travel plans. I think June and July are the two most beautiful. Maybe it’s sun-related, maybe we’re too busy,maybe from new people, maybe from parties.

I do not know, but I want you to keep going.We continued hitchhiking with Elena.We went to the music festival and camped.It was wonderful really. I went to Spain and Portugal in June. I love to new countries discover and new things. Now my favorite city is Madrid. But I know that I will see more  beauty.

Hopefully time goes by fast. Letterkenny has been here for five and a half months. Right now we are in the middle of the project for time. We need to get out of every moment. Continue to explore.

Evs is a great opportunity. Hopefully in the future.

This is us,

I hope you enjoyed reading our stories as we are enjoying this experience!!!!

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