July and August, GREAT SUMMER

Elena speaking,

First of all, I cannot believe the summer is already gone. Maybe it is because the weather didn’t make me feel in it. Apparently September is going to be “the real summer”, so we will see. I have my doubts on it.

Well, I cannot complain at all. July has been an amazing months, I was in Mexico visiting a friend of mine. Before leaving Claudia and I celebrated our birthdays in Letterkenny. We had a great party at home with our friends from USA and some of our colleagues. I couldn’t be happier to celebrate my birthday in both side of the world.


Celebrating my birthday in DYS as well

At my birthday’s day I flew from London to Mexico City, I had the longest birthday’s day ever. My friend was waiting for me in the airport. I wouldn’t have seen her for one year. Being over there was unbelievable, everything was so different even the Spanish Mexican language, I was very surprised how can it be so different, I felt like a complete foreigner. Staying in Mexico City for 2 days and then we flew to Cancun, renting a car was the best choice to travel around, I saw a bunch of different landscapes  and my favorite places were Holbox Island and Tulum. The trip was very intensive, we took 4 flights in total and I could not believe when I said goodbye to my friend again. By the way, I got my first tattoo over there, so this trip will be unforgettable.

blogevs mex.jpg

Chichen Itzá (and I), one of the wonders of the world

Welcome back to Letterkenny, I’d just landed and the pouring rain said to me: Hello!

August arrived with a food festival weekend in Letterkenny which was great, very great actually, because my friend and I won a voucher for Lemon Tree restaurant. Delicious food. The weekend after I had my friend’s birthday in Drumshambo which was awesome. We met again with some EVS and the weekend was based on music, games and a lots of food (organic food).

Furthermore Gareth and Dominic took us to have a very funny experience in the water. It was hilarious. The picture below can describe it in a nutshell.

evs blog.jpg

Missing too much taking a plane, I went to Edinburgh to visit one of my friend, the FRINGE festival had started and we enjoyed a very interesting and funny Shakespeare play. Very good environment of the busy city.

In DONEGAL YOUTH SERVICE, everything is all right, I had the chance to participate in the summer camp “FIT FOR LIFE” with Frankie, very good experience. In addition on the 23rd of August we have the super event PARTY IN THE PARK. Take a look to the video below. I loved it, I enjoyed a lot even it was a really busy and tiring day. The weather gave us a break and we spent an unexpected sunny day.

To conclude, that was me and the summer, enjoying my life as EVS and taking advantages of every moment.



Hello dear followers. How is going the summer time?
I enjoyed sharing my summer months with all of you. The first week of July with the
Multiactivity week, and the next three months with the Summer Program ‘Let’s do it 2017’.
I stayed in different youth communities like Cockhill Buncrana, Clonmany, Moville, Raphoe,
Cardonagh, Forge, Glengad… promoting the creativity and fellowship making amazing crafts
and playing with young people. All of them were include activities and your ages was
between 5 to 18 years old. So if you have lost it, do not hesitate to sign up for next summer.
In the end of July was my birthday so I travelled to Dublin for three days. It was a
great idea because I visited the city properly and I attended to Riverdance event, with the
best international folklore and Irish dancers in the main theatre.
The next weekend we had a fantastic party. We celebrate the Ingrid’s birthday in
Drumsamboo. She is one’s of the EVS 2017 in Ireland from France. So that we had the
opportunity of travel in the area and appreciate the famous Shannon river.
In the middle of August, I participated in the Fitness and Sport camp which promoted
healthy activities in the sea, a gym, the Town Park and in the sports centre.
A few days we had like guest another two EVS from Belgium and Italy at home, and
we rent a car and went for first time to Sligo Cliffs. I love it so much like Cliffs of Mother.
On Wednesday 23 rd of August we celebrated the expected Party in the Park. We had
a lucky time because it was the unique sunny day in the week. We all help to prepare the
positions, to paint faces, and to offer information accessible to the young. Finally I offered
myself to sing two songs in Spanish, and I happy to contribute with Spanish music to the
young's concert.
For finish, I made a stop of weekly Spanish class with a level control, and I started to
prepare my luggage for enjoy my holidays in Zaragoza, Spain, for two weeks.



Hi, people. Dima speaking
Summer is finished and autumn is started

July and August were the warmest months in Ireland since I came here
Me and Claudia was on the River Dance, at the Gaiety Theatre. It is amazing Irish
dance show. Dancers was fantastic, professional. I got a lot of unforgettable
impressions from the performance!!!
Finally, I had finished Volunteer Book – dairy for volunteers. Also, was done few posters
and finished first version of self-directed learning workshop presentation.
We, EVS volunteer except Kemal who was on his holidays, were on the seacoast for
bumper ride by invitation our manager Gareth with him and our coworker Dominic. Also,
I tried water skiing, and I had realized that for this activity is necessary a practice.
Annual Party took place on 23 of August in Letterkenny Town Park. Were a lot of
attractions, especially young people to sports and cultural entertainments, a musical
concert and to promote DYS among locals. All staff were tired, but satisfied about the
event and good weather!

in the Dublin Park.jpg



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