September and October!!

Hello Folks! Elena speaking…

The times flies as always and now more than ever. September and October have been very busy.

In Donegal Youth Service everyone was back from their holidays and the schools started again. It was like the New Year for the young people. I have been involved in different projects.  I have worked with Donegal Youth Council in a project, it has been very interested with a good result. In addition I have been involved in “World Wide Voices group” on Wednesday making an employment program with them and also “Fit for Life” doing some sports with the young people.

By and large, in Youth Information Center I have been working in leaflet and posters.

In September we have a big event “Culture Night” in Letterkenny. We had the pleasure to enjoy the music from the violinist, Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh. Finally the big mural from World Wide Voices group was unveiled and we had a good craic that evening.


Besides DYS, my friends came to visit me and we did an amazing road trip around the south west part of Ireland, I told them we were more than lucky because the weather behaved at that time and we enjoyed those days with a splendid sun.


The Halloween decoration noticed us that October was already here. One event had place in Letterkenny “TIME TO MOVE” and the EVS had the opportunity to speak about our experience. It was a big challenge to talk in front of a lot of people, but I had a good feedback and even I was very nervous apparently no one notice it, so it was great.


Furthermore the second week of October I went to Margate (London) to visit some friends. It was a very emotional trip because I was living there two years ago and everything was about to remember my life at that time.

However the return was more kind of a nightmare because of “OPHELIA” I was stocked in the airport for 12 hours, because the whole country was in maxim alert due to the hurricane. Seeing Letterkenny again was one of the best pleasure in my life.

Then, the weekend after we had the mid-way training in Dublin (again), I am getting use to do the endless journey by bus. The mid-way training was about to think about the EVS, about what we have learnt and about that the end is coming. But I will say I felt a satisfaction reflecting about what I have done during my EVS. In spite of it was a kind of “goodbye” I felt hopeful about what is next!

Apart from that, the EVS didn’t finish yet, and in YIC we prepared and event to celebrate Halloween, the young ones did a lot of spooky activities while “Thriller” was played.

Myself and one of my colleague after work we went to Derry being astonished due the fireworks and the spooky atmosphere around the city.

By bye Halloween and straight welcome to Christmas environment, a lot of things coming on in DYS. Media Group is starting and the celebration event is getting ready. Stop spoiling, we will see how it is going.

I am looking forward to tell you more about that in the next post. Enjoy yourself!!!

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