The First Sunset in Letterkenny

Maria C. here ❤ I’ll start with a short introduction about myself, just to have a wee bit of context. Born and bred in Bacau, Romania, I studied and lived in Bucharest for 5 years. Passionate about youth work, I am campaigning for civic engagement and shaping positive youth development. It was my last chance to take this opportunity, because you need to be under 30 to be an EVS and I am 29. These are the main reasons for why I am here. Also, I wanted a full year with no responsibilities whatsoever. As you probably know, DYS covers all EVS expenses such as rent, utilities, etc.

I live in a beautiful house with two lovely young ladies: Maria G. and Marta from Spain; the day-to-day activities at DYS are engaging and everyone very kind; my supervisor – Carlyn, coordinator – Kasia and mentor – Dominic are nothing but great – so only fairy tale dust so far!

I will try to be concise in showing you how things are here by sharing bits and pieces of my life from my first day here: 1st of June. Chances are I will be posting mostly pictures 📷

I will leave you our first sunset in Letterkenny, from the night all 3 of us arrived here.

Sunset over the bus station in Letterkenny


Maria C.

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