Autumn is coming

Hello there! It’s Maria G writing. I am going to introduce myself a little bit, just like Maria C did in a previous post. I finished my degree in Audiovisual Communication almost two years ago. Last year I started an online master’s degree in Humanities (Contemporary Art, Literature and Culture). Some of my hobbies are painting, photography and TV shows (last but not least). The girls and I are addicted to The Handmaid’s Tale and La Casa de Papel (translated as Money Heist). I am also watching Outlander right now and it’s funny because I understand some words like “wee” thanks to Donegal’s accent.

Regarding my EVS experience, I contacted my sending organization (MUNDUS) in April and I arrived in Ireland the 1st of June, so my recruitment process was quite short. In fact, I did my interview with Kasia (my supervisor at YIC) the 1st of May. When she told me that I was accepted I only had one month to get ready. Three months after arriving here, I reckon I don’t regret the decision I made at all.

I have participated in many interesting activities delivered by YIC such as the Summer Media Group in July. Tara, Patrick and I worked hard on this 4-days filming workshop. The Party in The Park (24th august) was the big event before my annual leave. I went back home (Mallorca) for two weeks to enjoy the beach before the Irish Autumn. Which is certainly coming. Spiders are all over our place but we’re starting to get good at making them leave. At least we don’t scream anymore!

Best regards,

Maria G

PS: Here are some pictures I’d like to post.


We had a lot of fun at the Party in the Park despite the rain!


I sent this picture to Kasia while she was in the office (why am I so mean).


Yesterday I took this picture on my way back home. The cows are gone and now we have sheeps instead. I personally think they are more friendly.

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