Party in the park 2018

Hi! This is Marta continuing the last post.

It’s time to talk about The Party In The Park. So long story short: it was a day of good craic but also hard work, and by the way totally worth it. We are running late so Maria C and I take a taxi to the Park, arriving at 9.45h. Maria G is taking the long way and we agree to meet there (can’t remember why). This looks like a classic story tale, but no wolves involved, besides the difficult weather. The previous weeks have led us to this event and it’s an “all hands on deck” kind of situation (that’s an expression I learned that day). Plenty of fences, tables and tents to put together for volunteers and staff (Would it qualify as team building?).

So everything worked well: makeup, braids, games, dancing, with some moments of rain though. But considering that the attendance wasn’t bad and we also had a fantastic time. I took some pictures and helped at some stands. Highlights of the day were the music performances (DJ, many local bands from different backgrounds and even some new ones). At 18h, it was time to finish and the gear needed to be returned. After some more labour work we were tired and Carlyn gave us a lift to the house. Here there are some pictures of that day.


party in the park



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