Summercamp vibes


This is Marta writing. What’s the craic? Since it’s my first post on the blog I feel like I should cover so many topics, but I’ll try not to do it all at once, so no worries and thanks for the patience (I keep in mind talking a little about myself in the next posts).

A lot’s been going on in DYS since the 1st of June, when we arrived to Letterkenny: staff team-building trip, LGBTI+ pride in Dublin, EVS on-arrival training, summer camps, the Party in the park… but you already know about some of these events by Maria G and Maria C words so I’m focusing on some new ones: SuMMeRcAmPs!


Painting the murals (AMP summercamp)

We had many Summercamps, which went on for almost every week. As a volunteer in the LOFT I was involved in some of them. The first was the Multi-activity camp, in which we kept busy cycling by the Glenveagh Castle or with a trip to Waterworld. After that there was Ready Steady Cook, you can imagine what is that about. There was a camp for girls too (Real U) and the day I was in, amazing topics were discussed, such as self-confidence, gender and healthy relationships! Also I collaborated preparing the Art and Music Project summercamp. This was focused on getting ready for the Party in the Park. The young people recorded a promo video using a green screen, also there was “painting inspired by music” supervised by Katie Harley, the wonderful artist that encouraged everyone to use their creativity to paint the murals. And last but not least the RockSchool camp, which led some folk to sing for the first time in public the next week at Party in the Park.


Mural made through collaboration and the results speak for themselves.

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