Happy New 2019!

Happy New Year 2019!

The three of us went home for Christmas and the end of the year. In my case back to Barcelona. It was the first trip home since I arrived to Ireland. So after a day travelling I was thrilled to meet my family at the airport’s arrivals (My personal Love actually moment).

Time with friends and family was all we could ask for and easy enough to get with all the Christmas celebrations ahead. Also daytrips, walks, cinema… Actually I’m going to tell you a wee bit about the traditions for this time of the year. For instance, on the 26th I usually meet with family and we eat something called “canalons”, which are rolls of pasta with the meat remaining from the broth for Christmas day. You can find them also in the restaurants or at your granny’s. Yummy! Of course there’s the Christmas carols singing, and exchange of presents. It is very popular that the 3 Kings bring you presents (may be instead of Santa) at your house, the night of the 5th of January. To sum up it was a lovely time.





Home for Christmas & New Year’s Eve

Time flies. Winter is here already and the holidays passed merrily. It felt cosy to be home for a few weeks. Christmas time has always been family time and for New Year’s Eve I had a blast at the seaside. I want to share some pics with you all.

Hope 2019 will be a fairly-tale year for you & you will enjoy it to the fullest! I am back in Letterkenny already, excited for the last months of my EVS experience ♥

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