Snow, nice food and new friends

Hi, everyone! How are things? Here it’s a bit cold, but the winter has been mild so far. It only snowed once! I had never walked through snowed streets so it was a new experience for me. We even lit a fire not long ago (I love watching a fireplace). After Christmas, Marta and I brought some food from Spain and we cooked a Spanish omelette for Maria C, it was sooo tasty (the picture below talks for itself). Later on, instead of a siesta we played Irish Monopoly, it was a fun Sunday afternoon.

Maria C and I also tried some thai food here in Letterkenny, it was a bit too spicy for me but not at all for Maria, she really enjoys spicy food. It was delicious though!

This past weekend we went to Dublin for our mid-term training. We met other European Solidarity Corps volunteers (we’re not called EVS anymore) that are living in different places in Ireland. This time we were 19 volunteers, so it was a big crowd. All of us got along really well! Moreover, the activities that took place during the training were related with introspection and our future plans. It was helpful because our stay in Ireland is finishing shortly, we have approximately three months ahead of us.

That was all! I want to add some pics of what I’ve just shared with you.





PS: Marta captured this lovely moment between Maria C and me, she likes to call us double trouble.

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