April’s daytrips


What’s the craic? Marta here writting this time. We have some weeks left of the EVS (now called ESC) to enjoy and many things going on. April’s been a month of trips for me with differents groups in which I’ve been participating along the year and a good opportunity to get away from the office and see more of this green county Dún na nGall (did you know it means “fort of the foreigners”)

With the Young Carers we went North to Limavady. Young carers from around Donegal enjoyed a complete activity day with laser tag, clay pigeon shooting (no clay pigeon was harmed during the activity) and hovercrafting. I cannot tell you how sore my legs were the days after. Another trip was to Bundoran’s funfair. Even if it looked closed there was no need for a plan B, as we were just a little bit early, at around 12.30pm. The Art group took part in the Young Citizenship Awards for which we submitted a Loft Positive Calendar made by the young people and their chosen inspiring quotes. The venue was huge and outside of Dublin, so we left very early in the morning to be able to make it on time. It was flat out and with many activities (also a wish tree) and stands to walk around.


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