Summer Camps 2019!

Hello everyone, is Claudia typing!

The week of 9th to 12ht of July, i joined the Multi-Activity week of Summer Camps, and it was a really interesting adventure; I never worked with kids in that context and i visit amazing places!

The first day, on Tuesday, we went to Glenveagh National Park, we went all the way down till the castle by bicycle under the rain! I’ve never done that before, and its not as bad as the Spanish people do think 🙂 I felt in love with the landscape and it’s a beautiful place to practice “Mindfulnes”. I could definitely camp there for a couple days because I love nature and mountains.

On Wednesday,  we went to Water World in Bundoran. The kids had a really good time, enjoying the swimming pools, the water slides and building relationships with the rest of the group. At the end, we eat a super delicious hamburger (We were really hungry!!) In our way back to the centre, everyone at the bus were so tired, that you couldn’t even listen nobody breathing, almost all the bus were taking a nap, include me haha.

On Thursday  we went to  Letterkenny Activity Center to do archery, Air-soft and high ropes.

The last day were my favourite because we went to Ards National Park. That was the first time that i see the North Atlantic sea, and i really really liked it. The landscape were so peacefully, the style of the forest were very different from Spain and it was so beautiful. At the end, we went to a restaurant to have our lunch!



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