On the road with Kasia

Hello everybody! How are you?

Today, I’ve been in a very interesting meeting with my supervisor Katarzyna in Galway. Even if we wake up very early that day and despite the raining and the weather, the day was awesome!

I assisted to a meeting about Time to move event that we hold the next 10th of October in Donegal Youth Service.

I hope nobody misses it!

-Lucía V. B.



3 000 kilometers

Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and I though “I’m in Ireland!”, 3 000 kilometers far from home. Even if it’s not the first time that I live out home, It’s the first time that I live out the country, in a country where the autumn starts at the end of August.

Luckily for me, everyday in this office is different. Some days can be hard, but most of then are fun: sometimes we cook, and sometimes we sing and dance.

Everyday is special, and I’m trying to enjoy them all, even if it’s rains or it’s a sunny day.

-Lucía V. B.
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