A week in England

Hi friends, how are you?

I’ve just come back from a new trip to England, where I’ve spent a few days visiting London and Liverpool. For me, this have been my last trip, and I’ve enjoyed so much!

In London, I’ve gone to sightseeing some places like Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus and the Palace of Westminster. London is a beautiful city, but it’s too crowded for me.

Also, I had bad luck because some of the most iconic building were under renovation.

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I don’t know if I’ll come back here someday, so I decided to visit The Making of Harry Potter, a tour behind-the-scenes of the Harry Potter films.

It was really exciting. For a few hours, I felt like a child again, because, for me, Harry Potter films have been a part of my childhood and teens years.

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Finally, I visited Liverpool. I’m not a The Beatles fan, but I wanted to take the ferry to come back to Ireland. It was a once in a lifetime experiencia, because I won’t travel by ferry anymore. I swear it.

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In 5 weeks, I’m coming back to Spain, which means that this is my last month here in Ireland. Part of me wants to leave, but the other part wants to stay.

-Lucía V. B.

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