Farewell, I’m gonna miss you

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my dears!

At this moment, I should be in Belfast or Derry celebrating this wonderful day but, unfortunately, I’m in Spain. Due to Covid-19 crisis, I’ve been forced to fly home 3 weeks sooner ahead of schedule.

The paralysis of educational and labor activity in Ireland and the fear of a possible closure of the Spanish borders after the declaration of the state of emergency by the Spanish Government has meant that one day I was planning what I would do on St. Patrick’s Day and, at the next, changing the flight ticket to return home as soon as possible.

Don’t leave anything for the last moment!

I can’t believe I didn’t do so many things: places to visit, people to share time with, traditions to do… Time really flies!

If I had to describe this nine months and half with a picture, it would be a roller coaster: many ups and downs. Many moments of sadness and many other of happiness.

This have been a lifetime experience, the best decision in my life. I’m sad because it’s have finished suddenly, but I’m glad to have had the opportunity to participate in this program.

I’m very grateful to the DYS staff for all the love that I’ve received during these months.

To my YIC family, I don’t have words that express what I feel for you. You made this unforgettable.

And that’s it. This is the end of my journey as ESC volunteer. I hope to see you soon again!


-Lucía V.B.


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