Farewell, I’m gonna miss you

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my dears!

At this moment, I should be in Belfast or Derry celebrating this wonderful day but, unfortunately, I’m in Spain. Due to Covid-19 crisis, I’ve been forced to fly home 3 weeks sooner ahead of schedule. Continue reading “Farewell, I’m gonna miss you”


Hi everyone Ismael speaking again, the other day my best friend came to visit me, I would insert photos but we are a bit useless and we did not do any but one thing if I can tell you that we had a great time, too much party but that’s what it is , take you to see a Little letterkenny and we did a bar route too :), this is going to be one of my last blogs since on the 28th of this month I am going back to Madrid and I finish my volunteering after 8 months here in which I have taken a lot of experiences and new friends that I stay forever I will miss you very much, and I am sure that Letterkenny will return, thanks for all that you have given me that it is not little, Ismael says goodbye, Good luck to the following volunteers and see you soon LetterkennyIMG-20200205-WA0114


Hello everyone Ismael speaking again many things have happened these days, first of all I will show you the visit of my beautiful family

They came for a weekend and I toured them through the letterkenny cathedral in the park next to some of the college houses here and having some fun moments that have given me incredible strength

Thank you for reading me again, many greetings and thanks to my family for everything, Ismael says goodbye, all the best.

How is my volunteering going?

Hello, Ismael speaking again.
The volunteering is being incredible I am meeting a lot of new people, sometimes as usual I have homesick and more when my mother and my brother have come to visit me and now they are gone, we have gone to see the cathedral and the St. Eunan’s College, we have toured the park next to home and especially we have enjoyed together, we will start doing the Youth Pass since we only have 2 months left here so to continue enjoying the last thing I have left
Ismael says goodbye and have a good day


Hi everyone Ismael speaking now, Happy New Year to all of us, I finished half my volunteering going to Madrid (I’ve been 4 months) for Christmas, these 4 months have passed quickly and there is nothing like coming home after 4 months abroad, I have less than 3 months left here and I plan to enjoy every day to take the best experience of my life even though it already is, says goodbye with a lot of love, Ismael