September and October!!

Hello Folks! Elena speaking…

The times flies as always and now more than ever. September and October have been very busy.

In Donegal Youth Service everyone was back from their holidays and the schools started again. It was like the New Year for the young people. I have been involved in different projects.  I have worked with Donegal Youth Council in a project, it has been very interested with a good result. In addition I have been involved in “World Wide Voices group” on Wednesday making an employment program with them and also “Fit for Life” doing some sports with the young people.

By and large, in Youth Information Center I have been working in leaflet and posters.

In September we have a big event “Culture Night” in Letterkenny. We had the pleasure to enjoy the music from the violinist, Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh. Finally the big mural from World Wide Voices group was unveiled and we had a good craic that evening.


Besides DYS, my friends came to visit me and we did an amazing road trip around the south west part of Ireland, I told them we were more than lucky because the weather behaved at that time and we enjoyed those days with a splendid sun.


The Halloween decoration noticed us that October was already here. One event had place in Letterkenny “TIME TO MOVE” and the EVS had the opportunity to speak about our experience. It was a big challenge to talk in front of a lot of people, but I had a good feedback and even I was very nervous apparently no one notice it, so it was great.


Furthermore the second week of October I went to Margate (London) to visit some friends. It was a very emotional trip because I was living there two years ago and everything was about to remember my life at that time.

However the return was more kind of a nightmare because of “OPHELIA” I was stocked in the airport for 12 hours, because the whole country was in maxim alert due to the hurricane. Seeing Letterkenny again was one of the best pleasure in my life.

Then, the weekend after we had the mid-way training in Dublin (again), I am getting use to do the endless journey by bus. The mid-way training was about to think about the EVS, about what we have learnt and about that the end is coming. But I will say I felt a satisfaction reflecting about what I have done during my EVS. In spite of it was a kind of “goodbye” I felt hopeful about what is next!

Apart from that, the EVS didn’t finish yet, and in YIC we prepared and event to celebrate Halloween, the young ones did a lot of spooky activities while “Thriller” was played.

Myself and one of my colleague after work we went to Derry being astonished due the fireworks and the spooky atmosphere around the city.

By bye Halloween and straight welcome to Christmas environment, a lot of things coming on in DYS. Media Group is starting and the celebration event is getting ready. Stop spoiling, we will see how it is going.

I am looking forward to tell you more about that in the next post. Enjoy yourself!!!

July and August, GREAT SUMMER

Elena speaking,

First of all, I cannot believe the summer is already gone. Maybe it is because the weather didn’t make me feel in it. Apparently September is going to be “the real summer”, so we will see. I have my doubts on it.

Well, I cannot complain at all. July has been an amazing months, I was in Mexico visiting a friend of mine. Before leaving Claudia and I celebrated our birthdays in Letterkenny. We had a great party at home with our friends from USA and some of our colleagues. I couldn’t be happier to celebrate my birthday in both side of the world.


Celebrating my birthday in DYS as well

At my birthday’s day I flew from London to Mexico City, I had the longest birthday’s day ever. My friend was waiting for me in the airport. I wouldn’t have seen her for one year. Being over there was unbelievable, everything was so different even the Spanish Mexican language, I was very surprised how can it be so different, I felt like a complete foreigner. Staying in Mexico City for 2 days and then we flew to Cancun, renting a car was the best choice to travel around, I saw a bunch of different landscapes  and my favorite places were Holbox Island and Tulum. The trip was very intensive, we took 4 flights in total and I could not believe when I said goodbye to my friend again. By the way, I got my first tattoo over there, so this trip will be unforgettable.

blogevs mex.jpg

Chichen Itzá (and I), one of the wonders of the world

Welcome back to Letterkenny, I’d just landed and the pouring rain said to me: Hello!

August arrived with a food festival weekend in Letterkenny which was great, very great actually, because my friend and I won a voucher for Lemon Tree restaurant. Delicious food. The weekend after I had my friend’s birthday in Drumshambo which was awesome. We met again with some EVS and the weekend was based on music, games and a lots of food (organic food).

Furthermore Gareth and Dominic took us to have a very funny experience in the water. It was hilarious. The picture below can describe it in a nutshell.

evs blog.jpg

Missing too much taking a plane, I went to Edinburgh to visit one of my friend, the FRINGE festival had started and we enjoyed a very interesting and funny Shakespeare play. Very good environment of the busy city.

In DONEGAL YOUTH SERVICE, everything is all right, I had the chance to participate in the summer camp “FIT FOR LIFE” with Frankie, very good experience. In addition on the 23rd of August we have the super event PARTY IN THE PARK. Take a look to the video below. I loved it, I enjoyed a lot even it was a really busy and tiring day. The weather gave us a break and we spent an unexpected sunny day.

To conclude, that was me and the summer, enjoying my life as EVS and taking advantages of every moment.



Hello dear followers. How is going the summer time?
I enjoyed sharing my summer months with all of you. The first week of July with the
Multiactivity week, and the next three months with the Summer Program ‘Let’s do it 2017’.
I stayed in different youth communities like Cockhill Buncrana, Clonmany, Moville, Raphoe,
Cardonagh, Forge, Glengad… promoting the creativity and fellowship making amazing crafts
and playing with young people. All of them were include activities and your ages was
between 5 to 18 years old. So if you have lost it, do not hesitate to sign up for next summer.
In the end of July was my birthday so I travelled to Dublin for three days. It was a
great idea because I visited the city properly and I attended to Riverdance event, with the
best international folklore and Irish dancers in the main theatre.
The next weekend we had a fantastic party. We celebrate the Ingrid’s birthday in
Drumsamboo. She is one’s of the EVS 2017 in Ireland from France. So that we had the
opportunity of travel in the area and appreciate the famous Shannon river.
In the middle of August, I participated in the Fitness and Sport camp which promoted
healthy activities in the sea, a gym, the Town Park and in the sports centre.
A few days we had like guest another two EVS from Belgium and Italy at home, and
we rent a car and went for first time to Sligo Cliffs. I love it so much like Cliffs of Mother.
On Wednesday 23 rd of August we celebrated the expected Party in the Park. We had
a lucky time because it was the unique sunny day in the week. We all help to prepare the
positions, to paint faces, and to offer information accessible to the young. Finally I offered
myself to sing two songs in Spanish, and I happy to contribute with Spanish music to the
young's concert.
For finish, I made a stop of weekly Spanish class with a level control, and I started to
prepare my luggage for enjoy my holidays in Zaragoza, Spain, for two weeks.



Hi, people. Dima speaking
Summer is finished and autumn is started

July and August were the warmest months in Ireland since I came here
Me and Claudia was on the River Dance, at the Gaiety Theatre. It is amazing Irish
dance show. Dancers was fantastic, professional. I got a lot of unforgettable
impressions from the performance!!!
Finally, I had finished Volunteer Book – dairy for volunteers. Also, was done few posters
and finished first version of self-directed learning workshop presentation.
We, EVS volunteer except Kemal who was on his holidays, were on the seacoast for
bumper ride by invitation our manager Gareth with him and our coworker Dominic. Also,
I tried water skiing, and I had realized that for this activity is necessary a practice.
Annual Party took place on 23 of August in Letterkenny Town Park. Were a lot of
attractions, especially young people to sports and cultural entertainments, a musical
concert and to promote DYS among locals. All staff were tired, but satisfied about the
event and good weather!

in the Dublin Park.jpg



What happened in May and June?

Hello guys. Here Claudia.

How is going? Is all ok? Well, I am going to try to make to resume these two months full of different activities and experiences.

I was started May with a fantastic and hot weather in Cork, enjoying the long weekend with Early May Bank Holiday, and finishing the Frankie training like Youth Worker. I also went to Derry two times, the first one to a meeting with NGO’s and the Director Derry Collage’s; and the second one I visit to historic museum with a  catholic and protestant young group from Letterkenny and Ballybofey.

The next week’s the four EVS participated in a short Personal development training in Letterkenny, I started to do Summer Program meetings with my workers team and I finished Employment notebook for young people.

Suddenly, my brother surprised me with a great travel to London with him for four days in the middle of May. It was really good because we meet us in the airport, in a not common country. My first experience in London was magnificent with him, and we stayed in the mains attractive and touristic places.

A few days later, I joined with Dima (Ukrainian EVS) to travel to Galway for second time, to Limerick city, Cliffs of Mothers, Connemara valley, in an express travel of four days too.  After of this nice travel, I can say I visited the most cities and important places of the Republic of Ireland. Personally, I recommend you walk around river of Galway city, buy in the Milk market and visit the King John castle in Limerick, and take your time in the touristic Cliffs of Mothers.

The month of June advanced fast between meetings and doing crafts for summer camp ‘Let’s do it 2017’. And it finished with a quite weekend in a University residential near to Limerick, place where young people participated in different contests (singing, dancing, performance and games/sports) and they won some of them. That weekend we also had time to play bowling, going shopping and play cards games in their free time.

Hi, people, Dima Speaking!

My volunteering at DYS continues. In May and June I had worked on a booklet “Employment” that should help young people in finding a job, writing a resume, a cover letter, preparing for an interview; a poster for a tea party; diary of volunteer; as well as on my own project: a workshop on self-education, its role in modern life, self-learning platforms for motivating young people to self-education as a guarantee of future self-development, earnings and employment.

In the beginning of May, along with Claudia, I had visited Limerick. The third most populous city in Ireland, with rich history, for which fought Vikings and English kings! In the past, it was and staying now one of the most important cities in Ireland as Dublin, Cork, Waterford. The main attraction is the Museum of the Castle of King John, and you can observe Medieval battles, which organising here. Also, every Saturday, a fair is held where traditional milk and meat products can be purchased, especially are famous amazing cheese and black pudding. Limerick is also an important educational and scientific center in the country.


Also I was on the Cliffs of Moher, in the west of the island. It is exciting sight! And the most visited place in Ireland!


Hey Everyone, Elena speaking

I have already been here for 5 months and the time flies. A lot of things have happened  so I will try don’t get you very bored with my stories.

I will start with May, first of all it was the bank holiday 1st of May I spent the long weekend in Dublin with the other EVS, it was a really good trip, because even thought I was in Dublin before, I went to Phonix Park and I could discover a little bit more about Dublin. In addition I was in Skerries with one of my friend, where the St. Patrick’s footprint is.

The second week of May I did a random visiting to Spain, it was my mother’s birthday and I decided to give her a surprise. Furthermore I could see all my friends and family I have to say it was a really good time for taking a break and to come back to Ireland with more energy than ever.


This it was just the beginning, because on May also my Erasmus friends left and we had a farewell party, I miss all of them. We had an intensive weekend, some of them I will see each other again in September.  Also Kasia wanted to invite all of us a BBQ in her house, we really appreciate it and it was a lot of fun, even though the weather didn’t behavior at all, as usual.

What else?, well as I said May was very intensive, sometimes I’m very surprise how many things can happen in just a month. At the end of May, Kemal, me and other EVS went to our first festival in Ireland. RORY GALLAGHER! Rock&Roll. Doing camping, listening rock music and living a very classic festival in Ireland was unforgettable experience.

IMG_20170603_172334.jpg IMG_20170617_104103.jpg

In June, Louise invite us to her place, she and her husband made a delicious pork, irish style and we spent a really great time in their house.

As well as I had some visits from Spain. Two of my friends came to Dublin and they brought the sun I’ll say, because it was one of the hottest weekend since I’m here. Doing some day trip to Wiclow and Kilkenny we spend a great time together and also we visited the Guinness Storehouse, so I could do new things in Dublin. The weekend after my family came, amazing time with them. We rent a car and we travelled around, they definitely fell in love to Ireland. Besides this, I had my first experience driving to the other size and was good. Driving through Atlantic Way and the roads in North of Ireland was an awesome experience.


In Donegal Youth Service, especially in YIC my volunteer is going very well. I was very busy those months, doing ECHO summer edition, you can have a look on our facebook page ISSUU, also I did a leaflet for Cyberbullying sessions, posters and some promotional videos for YIC too. Let’s have a look in our Youtube Channel YIC. In addition I have designed the Volunteer T-shirt for the summer camps. By the way I had the opportunity to participate in the muti- activity camps and was class. One day we were in Ards Forest Park, definitely coming back soon I love this place. On Friday we did surfing, for being my first time it wasn’t very bad, I enjoyed a lot, wanted to say thanks people from Loft.


Last Wednesday we started a media group with Frankie in order to make some promotional videos for PARTY IN THE PARK, which is coming soon!

I think it’s time to say goodbye I’ve already write too much, I hope you enjoyed!

PD. I’ll make some spoiler, my month of July will be resume in my trip to Mexico and my holidays are starting in 3, 2, 1… See you soon!

I’m looking forward to tell you what’s going on next months

Hi everybody. I’m Kemal

Evs is going great. The weather is really better.  We see the sun more. I get used to Ireland and people. People are very kind really. They greet and smile whenever they see you. I went to Turkey at the beginning of May.I never thought it would be like this. Family, friends, meals are really missed. It was hard 10 days after coming from Turkey.

After that, the departure of the erasmus people was even worse. But then we felt better meeting  by new people and new travel plans. I think June and July are the two most beautiful. Maybe it’s sun-related, maybe we’re too busy,maybe from new people, maybe from parties.

I do not know, but I want you to keep going.We continued hitchhiking with Elena.We went to the music festival and camped.It was wonderful really. I went to Spain and Portugal in June. I love to new countries discover and new things. Now my favorite city is Madrid. But I know that I will see more  beauty.

Hopefully time goes by fast. Letterkenny has been here for five and a half months. Right now we are in the middle of the project for time. We need to get out of every moment. Continue to explore.

Evs is a great opportunity. Hopefully in the future.

This is us,

I hope you enjoyed reading our stories as we are enjoying this experience!!!!

April, May (easter and bank holiday)

Hello Folks!

We can’t believe that 3 months have already passed. Everything is running very fast here.

 In Easter we hadGOPR8519.JPG a trip with our friends from the arrival training. It was just amazing. Our french friend came to visit us from Sligo and we did part of the Atlantic Way. The map as our GPS and our friend with a french car we discovered Donegal from Letterkenny to Donegal Airport stopping where a big start was indicated on thGOPR8565.JPGe map.

Just after waking up we were to Galway, where we joined with the rest of the people, we got on very well from the arrival training, it’s like we had met each other from a long time ago. In Galway we enjoyed a lot, there was a food festival and although the weather was not very good the environment in Galway is always awesome. We went out in one pub with a great band and finished dancing in the street.

The day after we visited Cliffs of Moher. It was just incredible, didn’t find enough adjectives to described them.GOPR8626.JPG

Regarding to DYS, we keep on making some design staffs, we also had two special weeks this month. Youth work week whose theme was equality, we prepared some workshops for the young people in order to teach them a little about the different between equality and equity. At the beginning of May we has a special event concerning with European Youth Week. A workshop took place in DYS exchanges cultural skills as flowers making and henna tattoo. The young people had the opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds and to share their experiences with them.


The Youth Work Course with Frankie carry on every Thursday. We are learning a lot how to work with young people and everything we learn we can practise every day in the drop-in.

Every Wednesday we still go to the library for speaking Englsish lessons which are very useful and we meet people very friendly over there.

Kemal and Elena spent a great weekend in Belfast at the end of April, we met Turkish people and we enjoyed a lot. We were in the oldest pub and walking around Belfast, the city center is lovely and the titanic museum is impressive even it’s not very beautiful city.

Kemal went back  to Turkey for 10 days, he just was back for his birthday. We celebrate that with a delicious cake with all the staff.

Claudia speaking, hello again, EVS blog online followers. The time go away faster than I supposed. This month, my supervisor and me have finished our prevention classes in Malin Head community. The last time, I organised a Gymkana (team games) and we received flowers, a lovely card, and a chocolate cake. I am very grateful because they are a great young group.

We also started with Ballybofey community, a nice centre, where we do metal heath activities. For another hand, the interesting Frankie course for Youth Workers has continued with social topics. In addition for who is interested in it, I am creating a prevention gender notebook for all the teenagers of Donegal County, so you will see finished soon.

Of course, this month like the others, we have had time for travel around Ireland in Easter and Early May Bank Holiday. Our fist destination was city of Galway, having a fantastic meeting with EVS Ireland 2017, and our second destination in the historical river city of Waterford and Kilkenny town, and the develop city of Cork. I really recommend visit all of them in this month, because the weather have started to be really good.

So, I wish all of you continuing enjoying these sunny days!

 Dima speaking, hello people

In April I finished Annual report for DYS, finally!

Me and other volunteers visited Galway on Easter. I find out the city has lovely centre and seacoast.

In the end of the month YIC provided activities dedicated Equality Week.

In Central Library were performed English speaking classes for various interesting topics: leisure, health, history, culture, traditions, transport and other.

But the most impressive event travel to South of Ireland. First it was Waterford. It is quiet city with rich history, founded by Vikings. Also, I visited Kilkenny is a picturesque and popular touristic town with castle and amount of churches.

And Cork! It is lovely port city: channels, landscapes, city centre. The city is smaller and quieter than Dublin, what attracts me to it. Old and new intertwined in Cork.

South impress me by its landscapes and amazing cities, and wonderful warm days!

Welcome new EVS (February and March)

Hello everyone! 

We are the new volunteers in Donegal Youth Service; Elena and Claudia from Spain, Dima from Ukraine and Kemal from Turkey. We arrived to Letterkenny at the beginning of February. We are involved in different projects inside of DYS. Dima and Elena in Youth Information Center, Kemal in Donegal Youth Council and Claudia in the Youth Outreach Project.

From Elena, 

What’s the craic? (I think it is the first word I learnt when I arrived to Ireland, so far I do not really know which answer is the best one)

Well, my name is Elena from Spain, I arrived to Dublin the 1st of February from Madrid with Claudia. We were very lucky because we took the bus from Letterkenny really quickly and we didn’t have to wait so much in the airport. Louise and Andrew were waiting for us in the bus station, it was raining (of course). Then we visited Donegal Youth Service, the first impression was really good. Later we were at home, because we were exhausted. Lovely big house, great bedrooms for each and huge kitchen. We can’t complain about that, it is a wonderful house. After a couple of days I felt like at home.


Donegal Youth Service is a place where you can share your experience, everyone is very friendly and they make you feel like at home. They are very patient, above all with us because of the language. I’m working in the Youth Information Center, Kasia is my supervisor and she is charming. The first week she drove us to the beach and it was our first trip around Donegal. We are working in the design team and we are promoting activities for the young people. I spend a great time in the drop-in, playing table tennis and pool table.

After one month I will say I love Donegal so far, I have had the opportunity to get lost around the county I was really surprised about the Irish people, they are really friendly and generous. Furthermore I spent St.Patrick’s day in Dublin, it was a great time there, except for the weather. As usual in Ireland it was raining but it was interested. Living the national party in Dublin it’s something I’ll remember always.

The arrival training on March has been wonderful, we were a small group 10 people in total. Even though I think it was much better, because we could do a united group. In the training we did a lot of activities, challenges and a lot of games. We spent all the day together and we could know each other. Actually we have planned to do a trip all together in Easter, I’m looking forward to do this trip.

The arrival training has been very useful for all of us, we could share our experiences, to know how are the different projects. It was a challenge sometimes because we should think about our skills, our personal experience  that we are going to find in our EVS. That was a enrichment experience. Thanks Leargas for it. From the arrival training on I changed a little bit my point of view, I learnt a lot and my philosophy will be: take it easy!

From Claudia

Hello to all EVS followers of the website. My name is Claudia and I am from Zaragoza, Spain. I am a new volunteer at Donegal Youth Service thanks to the Program funded by the European Commission. I will stay with all of you until the end of December. I am sure it will be a great experience. This is my first report, and I think I have had many experiences only in my first month. The first week I started to adapt to the great change. All the people speaks to me with different accents, I started to live in a nice house and friendly colleagues from different countries and customs, a new city, the climate changes all the time, the pressures of the atmosphere make me feel tired all day …

But not all have been bad. I have had good experiences too, trying out differen restaurants and meals, I enjoy Buncrana with Kassia (one of the office workers), I have been introduced to many young guys, we have had a fantastic trip to the National Park with all colleagues in the office. .. so I felt very welcome.

In my project, I started creating fun games for the youth prevention group in Malin Head, and then I met them. I am very lucky because they are a good group. I also had another special day each week to support me and play an instrument, nationality food day, or youth sports soccer with teenagers of different ages.

On the other hand, I am very surprised because the Irish really like Spain, and some of them had travelled for vacations. For this reason, I decided to start teaching Spanish free on the Drop-in every Thursday.

In our spare time we like to go to the English conversation class in the library. It is so good because we find foreign people living here, and Irish teachers who prepare dynamics and themes.

In addition, we contacted a neighbour who met the last EVS (2016) and many Erasmus in the collage (about twenty-five!). Then yes! Our principle has been good. They showed us the best places to go out at night and practice some free sports with them.

It is amazing, but we have had time to travel. We have all travelled together in Derry. And a different weekend I travelled to Donegal town, a quiet place for walk by the cost, and Sligo, an interesting and welcoming place. I really enjoyed it. Letterkenny for me is not too big, and there are not too many programs, but if you are creative and positive person, you can feel well here.


Claudia again,

Hello! What is craic? I am very surprised because this month has passed quickly. I have continued to create fun games for the youth prevention group in Malin Head, I started going to Aura sport center every Tuesday to practice different sports with a group of young people and to the big swimming pool in my free time. I am also participating in a new course to have a good communication with the young people and help them correctly.

I have travelled to the interesting city of Belfast in a long weekend, also to the quiet Ballyshannon (the oldest town in Ireland), and the crazy but attractive city of Dublin for our fist training as volunteers. It was a wonderful experience. I met another 6 volunteers from France, Italy, Germany and Belgium. Immediately we had good connections (vibrations), we formed a good teamwork (now friends group), and we are connected across social networks now. It is interesting because we are working on different cities but in similar projects, so it is nice talk about our experiences. We have planned several excursions together for Easter and summer.

Finally, I decided spend St Patrick day in Letterkenny with Dima (our Ukrainian volunteer), because we knew that it was be a really rainy day. We enjoyed on the streets and played with the young people on the Drop-in. That day we could feel the happiness of the Irish people everywhere and we were infected with it.

From Dima,

It has been almost 2 months since the beginning of the project. It was impressive and exciting time! I do a graphic design for various DYS projects and help in Youth Information Centre, department of the DYS. Also, I help with office, another project dedicated to social, cultural, arts etc. topics.


We all with the DYS staff and volunteers were at National Glenveagh Park. There were beautiful, great, wild and amazing landscapes, steep slopes of high hills, almost mountains, lovely garden near the castle.

I helped with music evening. It was the amazing event, and I convinced once again that the Irish love music and talented. By the way, it seems that everyone is able to play on any musical instrument. Of course, the guitar is the most popular tool.

I helped in preparing a flag for St. Patrick’s Day for DYS. It was very interesting and excited because we painted contours of images used wax and after fill out shapes by various paints, and I didn’t know about such method of painting before!

On St. Patrick’s Day was raining, but Parade must be in any case! The parade was not so huge how I expect, but it was funny moments when some people dressed in laughable, comic costumes.

Irish people are polite, friendly and calm. And, yeah, here people like pubs, especially on Friday and Saturday!

Amazing landscapes here, such like as in ”Lord of the Rings; or Game of Thrones Hills, meadows, steep cliffs on the coast, the steep rock shore covered with grass, heather or something similar. The climate is humid, but warm for me at least what I observed.

Letterkenny – is small town as I think, but I like it very much in real. It is pretty quit, but lovely quit, cozy places – no noise, no pollution like in big cities. Here reastaurants, shopping centres, theater, cinema, cultural centre, sport centre etc. Also, you can visit county places. But you need a car because public transportation is not developed well and a lot of places is possible to reach by car only.

On Arrival training was held in Dublin. Oh, Dublin, lovely city! Old fashion and contemporary buildings coexist in an amazing way! On training participated 10 EVS-volunteers in total. It was incredible! We did a lot of interesting unusual tasks and met volunteers from Italy, France, German, Belgium. People with various background and interests volunteering in different places by all Ireland and through them, you can know something new about different nations! It was very intensive, impressive 4-days training. I miss a little bit for this time!

So, I hope for more impressions and achievements in the next months!

From Kemal,

Hi everyone!! I’m Kemal from Turkey. I will not add too many things because all my colleagues have already explained that.  I love Ireland so far, I am working in the Donegal Youth Council. Carlin is my supervisor and I enjoy a lot with her. Part of my work is travelling around Donegal on different meetings, so I never get bored.

At the beggining I will say it was a little bit difficult to get used to be a new place. Above all because of my language, however I have the feeling that I am improving a lot, all the people and staff from the office are very patient with me.

Our house is huge and I like it so much. I usually take the bike for moving around. Actually I  cycled to Fanad Head from Letterkenny, it was a big challenge for me.

Besides this, I have visited Dublin several time and I like it. I love travelling that is why I am trying to travel as much as I can.